Creating a Universal Network

Looking For an Online English Competition
Open doors for students with an underlying purpose of creating successful futures for them
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Excellent Educational Trip Program
Innovative Methods of Teaching

Creates a network for the educators across countries

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Learning Through Competition & Trip
Promotes English language & Challenges globally

Students who become a part of this, can serve as a role model for teen age students living together as one community.

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Learning Through Play

Encourages the development of a shared sense of identity and integration irrespective of where the students comes from

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Learning Through Play

Promotes living in a very peaceful world.
Encourages young minds to give back to their communities.
Provides a platform for teenagers from around the world to come together and share ideas.

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Learning Through Play

Career opportunities are then available globally and not limited to the country you are from. International companies often look to employ professionals, academics, skilled professionals who speak English in order to ensure that they can interact across countries.

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Learning Through Play

Keeps your mind sharp and alert, as learning a new language always keep your mind active and challenged

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Learning Through Play

Helps you get into internationally recognized, sought after and rated universities across the world; especially in the UK where English is a compulsory requirement where English is a compulsory requirement. This leads to the opportunity of scholarships as well from these universities.

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Learning Through Play

International companies often look to employ professionals, academics or skilled professionals who speak English in order to ensure that they can interact around the world.

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How Teen Eagle Online Competition Works

The Teen Eagle competition requires an ONLINE registration. Students who are selected through the relevant steps will participate in an English competition and if selected, will move on to participate in the Local Round Competition and London Trip and Competition to the UK.
⦁ There are three parts of Teen Eagle English Competition as follows
⦁ Online examination
Local Round Competition
⦁ London Trip and Competition
⦁ The official correspondence and language of the Teen Eagle is English.
⦁ The online examination will be multiple choice
⦁ Online examination must be taken online at the students’ school under educator supervision under exam conditions. Students may take the online examination on their own electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets etc.
⦁ There will be 50 questions in the examination made up as follows:
⦁ 20 questions from reading section (articles, stories, books etc.)
⦁ 20 questions from listening section (video, short movies, movie etc.) and,
⦁ 10 questions from general knowledge about England.
⦁ Participants will have 60 minutes to complete these 50 questions
⦁ There are two categories based on the students grades as follows:
⦁ Grades 6, 7 and 8 which is referred to as the JUNIOR EAGLES – (EAGLET)
⦁ Grades 9, 10 and 11 which is referred to as the SENIOR EAGLES – (EAGLE)
⦁ The UK trip will have the following key focus factors:
⦁ Enhance participation and speaking skills – this will be 7 days
⦁ The lessons will be for 3-5 hours daily over the 7 days period
⦁ Visits to universities with guidance around careers
Last two days of trip is booked for competition
⦁ An Awards Ceremony to give students their awards based on their performance at competition

Register by selecting your Exam Centre and making payment

Search Resources links on Teen Eagle Website to download Books and Movies

Prepare yourself by watching movies and reading books while having a lot of fun.

4. Test Your English Skill

Click the exam link sent via email, then wait for time to start for your exam

Register for London, UK Trip to have unforgettable memories for improving your English skills while having lots of fun activities.

Teen Eagle Online Awards Prizes for Participants

Medal Allocations

Discounts for London, UK Trip

Teen Eagle 2022 Timeline

12 February 2022

5. London, UK Trip

11 - 18 July 2022

8 Days 7 Night London, UK Trip only £ 1200



Let’s build a universal network and platform where teens from across the globe collaborate to making the world a better place.








Exam Centers

Register Teeneagle Competition for only £20


⦁ Open doors for students with an underlying purpose of creating successful futures for them
⦁ Promotes English language challenges globally
⦁ Creates a network for the educators across countries


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