Creating a Universal Network


We are passionate about teenagers changing and influencing the world to make it a better place for everyone, irrespective of which country you were born in or originate from. Our belief is that only the new generation can build a better world for everyone and that’s why we are focusing on inspiring teenage students. An eagle is known as a symbol of power, leadership, freedom, and this is coupled with honesty and integrity, and thus, Teeneagle creates a universal platform that will pass on these principles down from generation to generation.


The Teeneagle Competition was initiated by Oscar Education and accredited and certified by one of the top colleges in the UK, Brooke House College. The competition is hosted by Brunel University in London, UK.


– Open doors for students with the purpose of creating successful futures for them

– Promotes English language challenges globally

– Creates a network for the educators across countries

– Encourages the development of a shared sense of identity and integration

– Promotes diversity and universal thinking

– Creates and nourishes friendly relationships while promoting a healthy competition

– Inspires young minds to unlock their potential

– Guides students with their future plans

– Promotes living in a very peaceful world

– Encourages young minds to give back to their communities

– Provides a platform for teenagers to share their ideas


Please request a presentation for teachers and students from Grades 5-12

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