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Teeneagle London Competition is a prestigious and exciting International English based competition for grade 6-8 (Eaglets) and grade 9-12 (Eagle) students held in London, UK. The competition is organized by Oscar Education and hosted by Brunel University in London. Teeneagle invites learners from around the globe to participate in the competition. The medalists from the local round will be invited to Participate in Teeneagle London. Teeneagle London Trip is 8 days – 7 nights. Two days of this trip is booked for the competition.Teeneagle Local Round medalists must register individually as they will be teamed up in London by their mentors for the competition, where they will participate in 6 challenges. Team members will be randomly assorted from different countries. All participants will be assigned to a team based on their category ie: Eaglet or Eagle. Should there be a lack of Eaglet (grade 6-8) participants in the creation of the Eaglet (grade 6-8) team, the team will be taken as Eagles (grade 9-12) and participate under the eagle category. There are 6 challenges for Teeneagle London Competition:

– Knowledge Challenge: Participants will compete in an online quiz based on the given resources. Resources include articles, movies, books, short videos etc.

– Debate Challenge: Participants will debate on a chosen topic with other team members. The topic will discussed in the presence of Native English speakers.

– Spelling Challenge: Each team will be asked to spell words which they would’ve came across in the resources provided for the Knowledge challenge.

– Impromptu Challenge: All Teams will be given 60 seconds to think about a topic a give a Speech on said topic.

– Talent Challenge: One member (minimum) from each team will be asked to present a talent; drawing, playing music, singing etc…

– Video Challenge: Teams will make a short video (2-3 minutes) about London and their experiences by using their electronic devices.

Awards / Prizes in TeenEagle London Competition: All participants will receive a certificate of participation, certificate of achievement and gold / silver/ bronze medals based on their performance and special gifts. All participants will receive a 10% discount voucher for language course. All participants will qualify to study at an international tertiary institution in the UK and will recevie a discount on these fees as well university fee

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