Creating a Universal Network


These daily activities may include some of the activities listed below:
Visiting a post office to post a letter to family
Visiting police station to report the loss of a valuable item eg. passport Shopping in an open market Ordering a meal in restaurant of the menu Ordering coffee at Starbucks
Visiting universities and enquiring about criteria for applying at that university Randomly asking people for directions

Visiting orphanages to spending time with children
Visiting old-age homes to spend time with the elderly
Visiting people at their homes to have a meal together
Visiting a hotel and doing an enquiry to book a room, doing check in and check out
Visiting famous soccer stadiums such as Liverpool, Manchester etc.. Buying a ticket for public transportation Visiting the money exchange office Watching a movie at a cinema
Visiting historical places Visiting a pet-shop Visiting a museum Visiting a zoo Visiting schools Writing a travel diary A


The following are activities the students can look forward to:
“English lessons 5 hours daily, to help students improve their daily English speaking skills
Meal time – 3 meals daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner
Indoor board games and planned activities to allow students to socialize and interact
Time will be allocated for shopping, to allow students to buy items they want
from UK (students must bring their own spending money)
Fun activities in amusement parks
On certain days, students will be split into teams of 3-5 members, and will
be allocated a supervisor to participate in some of the following activities
which will help with using their English skills learnt to carry out daily
activities. This will be a great learning experience for them and will also
teach them some simple life skills whilst at the same time practicing their
English skills.

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