Creating a Universal Network


1. What was the final and permanent effect of George’s medicine on his Grandmother?
A. She turned bright orange all over
B. She became forty years younger
C. Her personality changed
D. She shrank until she disappeared
2. Which non-human did George first give his medicine to?
A. His pet rat
B. A cow
C. His mother’s canary
D. A chicken
3. Who suggested giving some of the medicine to other animals?
A. George himself
B. George’s father
C. George’s grandma
D. A talking parrot
4. How did the second batch of medicine affect a chicken?
A. Its legs grew very long
B. It started swimming in the duckpond
C. Its head shrank to the size of a pin
D. It attacked a sheepdog
5. Why did George’s Grandma take some of the fourth version of the medicine?
A. She was very thirsty
B. It looked like brandy, which she loved
C. She thought it was tea
D. It smelled so nice


1. Whose house burns down?
A. Aunt Alexandra’s
B. Atticus’s
C. Mr. Underwood’s
D. Miss Maudie’s
2. Who is the editor of the local newspaper?
A. Mr Raymond
B. Atticus
C. Mr Underwood
D. Heck Tate
3. Who insists that Bob Ewell’s death is an accident?
A. Heck Tate
B. Atticus
C. Scout
D. Boo Radley
4. What is Boo’s real name?
A. Hector
B. Arthur
C. Riley
D. Robert
5. What does Scout first find in the knot-hole?
A. Bird’s nest
B. Gun
C. Small bug
D. Chewing gum







1. In the beginning of the movie, where did Peter live?
A. Newyork city
B. Queens
C. Washington city
D. London
2. What type of spider played the “super spider” that bit Peter?
A. Steatoda
B. Tarantula
C. Hobo spider
D. Golden silk
3. Who first calls him as “Webhead?”
A. His classmate
B. His girlfriend
C. The wrestling ring owner
D. His aunt
4. Who plays Spider Man/Peter Parker?
A. Tobey Maguire
B. James Franklin
C. Stan Lee
D. Bruce Campbell
5. Who lamented, “I offered you friendship and you spat in my face.”?
A. His best friend at school
B. His uncle
C. The Green Goblin
D. His girlfriend’s father



1. What is Matilda’s brother’s name?
A. Danny
B. Michael
C. James
D. Magnus
2. What was the first “grown-up” book that Matilda read?
A. War and Peace
B. Just So Stories
C. The Red Pony
D. Great Expectations
3. Every day Mr Wormwood put something on his hair. What was it?
A. Peroxide
B. Hair tonic
C. Styling cream
D. Wax
4. The Trunchbull puts children in a cupboard to punish them. What is it called?
A. The Stifler
B. The Coffin
C. The Chokey
D. The Black Hole
5. What is the Matilda’s third and final miracle?
A. Tipping the glass
B. Writing on the chalkboard
C. Flying
D. Lifting a child


1. What is the mammoth called?
A. Sid
B. Diego
C. Manny
D. Peach
2. “I don’t eat junk food” was said by whom?
A. Diego
B. Sid
C. Manny
D. Rhino
3. Manny said, “ I am not fat. It’s all this hair. It makes me look__________.” What word is
A. Fat
B. Poofy
C. Big
D. Huge
4. What was Sid’s nickname he made for himself?
A. The Lord of the Flame
B. The King of the Forest
C. The Angel of Love
D. The Lord of Dead
5. What secret fear of Diego’s did Sid claim to know?
A. Fear of girls
B. Fear of getting fat
C. Fear of water
D. Fear of getting old

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