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Teeneagle’s local round is a very exciting and fun competition held in your home city/country which is organized by our partners all over the world. The only thing you need to qualify for the local round is to tackle the Teeneagle online exam. If you get 40% or above 40% for the online examination, you qualify for the Teeneagle Local Round. All finalists will be assorted into teams by their supervisors or the Teeneagle committee. There are 3 learners per team. Students shall be assorted into a team based on their grades (all team members must be Eaglets or Eagles. If there is an Eagle in the Eaglet team then that team will have to participate in Eagle category. Team members may be from different schools/cities within the same country).

How the Local Rounds WorkRegister Yourself Individually:

Register for the Local round which is held in your country and make your payment online.
Select Your Category: Eaglet is for grades 6-7-8 and Eagle is for grades 9-10-11. 3. Get Prepared: Find 2 friends and prepare for the competition ahead.
There are 5 challenges for Local round:
– Knowledge Challenge: Participants will take an online quiz based
on their online examination resources.
– Debate Challenge: Participants will discuss a chosen topic
with other team members.
– Spelling Challenge: Each team member will have be required to spell 5 words. – Impromptu Challenge: All teams will be given 60 seconds to think
about a topic and give 2 minute speeches on said topic.
– Talent Challenge: Teams (one member minimum) shall be
required to show any talent ie: drawing, playing music, singing song etc…

Awards / Prizes in Teeneagle Local RoundAll participants will receive a certificate of participation, certificate of achievement and gold, silver or bronze medals based on their performance and special gifts. Team members from the winning teams in Eaglet (3 participants) and Eagle (3 participants) categories, will receive a 50% discount off the fees, for the Teeneagle UK Trip (London). Teeneagle Local round is the only way for Students to qualify for the Teeneagle UK Trip (London). All medalists from local round will qualify for Teeneagle UK Trip (London)