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Teeneagle’s National Round is an exciting and fun competition held in the comfort of your own home city/country and organised by our global partners. To qualify for the national round, all you have to do is complete the Teeneagle Online. If you get 40% or higher on this, you’ll be eligible for the Teeneagle National Round. All finalists will be assigned to teams at random by their supervisors or the Teeneagle committee. Each team has three students. Students will be assigned to teams at random based on their grades (all team members must be an Eaglets or an Eagle). If an Eagle is on the Eaglet team, the team must compete in the Eagle category. Members of the team may come from different schools/cities within the same country).

How the National Rounds Work: Register Yourself Individually!

  1. Register for the National Round held in your country.
  2. 2. Select Your Category: Eaglet is for grades 5-6-7-8 and Eagle is for grades 9-10-11-12.
  3. Get Prepared: Find 2 friends and prepare for the competition ahead.


There are 5 sessions in the National Round:

– Knowledge Quiz: Participants compete in an online quiz based on the given resources. Resources may include articles, movies, books, short videos etc.

– Writing Challenge: Participants write about the chosen topic individually.​

Spelling Bee:Each participant is asked to spell words they have come across in the resources provided for the knowledge quiz as much as possible.

Persuasive Speaking:Each participant is given 60 seconds to think about a topic and then give a speech on the topic.


Talent Show:Participants are asked to present a talent; drawing, playing music, singingetc voluntarily.

Awards in Teeneagle National Round:

Students can only qualify for the Teeneagle UK Trip and Competition through the Teeneagle National Round.

  • All participants will receive a participation certificate, an achievement certificate, and gold, silver, or bronze medals based on their performance, as well as some special gifts.
  • The winning teams in the Eaglets (3 participants) and Eagles (3 participants) categories will receive a 50% refund on their registration fee for the Teeneagle UK Trip and Competition. All medallists from the National round will be eligible for the Teeneagle UK Trip and Competition.
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